Thursday, 27 March 2014

Basic recipe 

500gms Grained sugar
25gms Liquid glucose
250ml Water
35gms Gelatin
50ml Lemon juice

Melt the gelatin o double boiler .Keep aside
Keep the sugar liq glucose water on simmer(NEVER STIR THE SUGAR WHEN KEPT FOR BOILING TILL THE BOIL COMES)
Let the sugar boil the temperature should reach 117 degree centigrade to 124 degree centigrade ..
Once the consistency is soft ball when dropped in the water add gelatin (GELATIN SHOULD ALWAYS BE SOCKED IN WATER LITTLE MORE THEN THE QUANTITY OF GELATIN AND STEERED ON DOUBLE BOILER BEFORE USING)& lemon juice and put of the gas.
Separate it in different containers and add colour as desired.
Grease the tray or use silicon sheet and pour on it and keep in room temperature over night.
In the morning cut it as required and coat it in Castor sugar and serve.